Every man and woman both love perfumes very much it is the first thing that we feel about the opposite sex. It is has been said that women get attracted to men because of the smell they not preferred that how they look. People are fond of perfumes. When we talk about fragrance usually women come in our mind. On the other hand men’s perfumes are equally interesting and sexy. Perfume is one of the things that make men unique and attractive. Every man is take interests in presenting himself in different fashion styles. Perfumes are an important part of personality that makes you charming.

No doubt a perfume is normally deliberated as a luxury item and every man should have his own signature fragrance. There are so many brands of perfumes that are launched perfumes every year. Women love a good and attractive fragrance so perfumes are the best ways to bring close the women to you.

According to the rank of 2014 we present the list of top 10 best perfumes for men 2014. You can find out easily the best perfume that are suitable and match to your personality. You can see the list in the below:

1. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio is the best and perfect choice for men. It standing on number one it the best number one perfume of 2013. It is unique fragrance. The jasmine flower extracts are use in it that gives a refreshing feeling to men. Its price is 84.14 dollars. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio is ideal for summer season and become best seller perfume in USA in recent years. If you want to buy this luxury fragrance then you can purchase here with discount offer.

2. Eternity by Calvin Klein

Eternity by Calvin Klein  For Men

This perfume was launched in the year 1990 but it is continue to be one of the best perfumes of many men out there. It is stand on the 2nd number in our list. It is so old brand but we know old is gold. Even today man women choice it for their lovers as a gift they considered that it is the best gift. Try it if you want to attract the women close yourself. In this perfume demure musk and sandalwood are used. This fragrance is also available for women. It is not so much expensive. You can buy Eternity by Calvin Klein in given below link with discount offer.

3. Ungaro III by Ungaro

Ungaro III by Ungaro

It is stand on no 3rd in our top 10 list. This perfume is launched by Ungaro in 1993. It is perfect perfumes for sexy boys. If you want most dashing then use Ungaro III by Ungaro you can feel amazing. Ashen rose and traces of sandal give cool combination to your personality. It is also old but always best for men. Its price is 21.66 dollars on discount offer and can save 28.34 (57%) dollars on 3.4 Oz (100ml) packing.

4. JOOP- By Joop

JOOP- By Joop

It is one of the best perfumes of man as well as women because of its long lasting fragrance. This perfume is introduced in 1991 by the designs house named as “joop”. It is on 4th number in our list. It is very popular and favorite brand of people. If you want to appear extremely attractive then try this. It is available easily in big cosmetic shops its price starts from just 25 dollars and ends at 48 dollars. You can buy on discount prices from here.

5. Paco Rabanne One Million

Paco Rabanne One Million For Men

Paco Rabanne One Million has charming and Marvelous fragrance it give amazing feeling to your body and you feel good when everybody ask, you what you wearing? Its price is 62.54 dollars with saving of 14.46 dollars (19%) with free shipping. It is stand on 5th number in our top 10 list. There are cool ingredients extracts in it that give you refreshing fragrance. its bottle color is golden and this fragrance contains smell of  rose, grapefruit , blood orange, amber, white wood, mint and many other natural herbs.

6. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme

L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme Intense

This perfume has rich, iconic fragrance with alluring aroma. It is also best perfume for men in 2013 for man. It stands 6th number in this list. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme creates by Issey Miyake he is a famous Japanese fashion designer he design it according to the man choice. This perfume makes your personality attractive that attracts every one. We can say that. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme is a choice of modern men.  Its price is 77 dollars you can buy on discount in 50.99 from here and can save 26.01(34 percent).

7. Diesel Only the Brave

Diesel Only the Brave Perfume

On the 7th number we have sensational fragrance that is Diesel Only the Brave. Diesel is a famous and popular brand and it is Italian brand. You must buy Diesel only the brave perfumes for men. It is the mixture of sensuality and masculinity. It is always make you special among the people. Its price is 67.50 dollars of 2.5 OZ bottle and you can buy in 59.59 dollars on saving of 7.91 dollars.

8. Ferrari for Men – Ferrari Black

Ferrari for Men – Ferrari Black

It becomes so much popular among in the youngest boys in these days. It is good for official gatherings and casual hangouts. Its fragrance is very light and long lasting that give you decent image. The Ferrari black comes with the essential extracts of aromatic woods and fruity punch. It is on 8th number. Its price is 25.43 dollars. It is presents now in new beautiful black bottle.

9. Gucci By Gucci Men Perfume

Gucci By Gucci Men Perfume

This perfume is modern and very masculine. It is bit expensive from others but it has amazing fragrance if you want to get luxury class then this perfume fulfill all your requirements. It is seductive perfume. Gucci stand on 9th number in the list of top 10 best perfumes for man 2013. No doubt its charming fragrance impresses your partner with you. You can buy it easily its price is 45 dollars. Gucci is an old brand but it still famous and popular due to its amazing items. Gucci by Gucci has so many items for women and men.

10. Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel For Men

On number 10 we have Bleu de Chanel. Chanel is a leading luxurious brand in the entire world. It is founded in 1909. It is famous French brand. It has sensational and long lasting fragrance that always like everyone. Its cost is 149 dollars. Its make your personality outstanding. It creates amazing chemistry between the partners. Bleu de Chanel contains natural aromatic woody smell.